Lucien Miller

Lucien-titleLucien Miller’s interest in aviation began at the age of 3, when his parents would have picnics on the side of the road under the approach path to the main runway at Detroit Metro Airport. Here they would watch the planes fly overhead as they came in for landings at the airport. This interest continued throughout his life with Free Flight and Control Line model airplanes during his childhood, graduating to Radio Controlled models in his teens. At the age of 23, Mr. Miller obtained his Private Pilots license, soloing after only 5 hours of dual instruction and passing the flight test with less that 40 hours total. A few years later, he completed a Professional Pilot program, obtaining his Commercial Pilot License, with Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings, along with Flight Instructor (CFI), Instrument Instructor (CFII) and Ground School Instructor certificates.

Mr. Miller also has a strong passion for electronics, and obtained an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering Technologies from ITT Tech in 1983, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida in 1990. During his career as an Electronics Technician, and then as an Electrical Engineer, Lucien gained a unique perspective by working with electrical systems from “both sides of the workbench.” His combination of both design experience, and practical application experience, brings a very valuable set of skills to the ROV Systems team. In addition to his experience as a Pilot and Electrical Engineer, Mr. Miller also brings to the table well developed skills in both Mechanical Engineering and Aerodynamics.

While employed at companies such as Magnavox and Honeywell, Mr. Miller worked on several projects where he was in charge of System Integration and oversaw the build of both First Article and Production Prototypes. He also provided support as the Engineering to Production Liaison, following the projects through full scale production.
Mr. Miller has also successfully launched and run three different companies in the RC Model Aircraft industry, and is currently the CVO of Innov8tive Designs, which distributes electric power systems for radio controlled models all over the world. He is also a regular featured guest on the “All Things That Fly” and “Inside Heli” Podcast shows, hosting “The Power System Corner”, a segment that answers questions about Electric Power Systems and their applications in Radio Controlled models.

Mr. Miller maintains a very active schedule, and pursues a wide range of interests. His personal hobbies include building and flying radio-controlled model aircraft, playing guitar, digital photography and music.