Keith M. McLellan

Keith-titleKeith McLellan’s background includes a great deal of experience outside of, as well as inside the cockpit. He has held numerous supervisory and management positions and has more than 25 years of commercial flying experience. At the age of 19, while working for Scenic Aviation in Las Vegas, NV, he founded and ran Fantasy Flight Systems, a small business created to sell, rent and provide instruction in Ultralight aircraft. At the age of 27, after earning his Commercial Pilots License with Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings, he went to work for Skyway Jet Charter, a Las Vegas based Grand Canyon air tour and charter operator. In his single year with the company, he was instrumental in marketing the business and building the company fleet from a single Cessna 402 flying one trip a day to the Grand Canyon, to a fleet of five aircraft flying an average of 2 trips a day, plus ad hoc charters. Mr. McLellan then went on to fly for a Delta Airlines subsidiary, Comair, based in Cincinnati, OH. After 3 years with Comair, he decided to turn away from his original plan of an Airline career and instead pursue Corporate Aviation, where he has since been an active and successful pilot. From rock stars to former Presidents, he has enjoyed flying some of the biggest names in the business and political world, as well as the entertainment industry.

Mr. McLellan earned his Airline Transport Pilot license in 1985 and today he has five turbojet type ratings which include the Boeing 737, as well as the Gulfstream and Challenger series of aircraft, in which he has flown exclusively as Captain. He has more than 14,000 hours of total flight time, with 9,000 hours in jets, and has extensive experience in trans-oceanic flying and international operations, having regularly flown throughout most of the world. He maintains his flying currency and proficiency by serving as the Chief Pilot and primary Captain onboard a Challenger 604 business jet.

Mr. McLellan enjoys a solid reputation with the various FAA regional offices he has dealt with over the years, not only as a line pilot, but also in his capacity as a Director of Operations and as a Chief Pilot for several companies. His experience in dealing with the FAA regulatory compliance process while building several experimental sport aircraft, as well as his experience in managing the operations and maintenance functions of a wide range of business jet aircraft, gives him a solid understanding of the requirements that must be addressed and met in order to certify an aircraft for operation within public airspace. This experience, combined with his life-long passion for designing, building and operating Radio Controlled models of all types, makes him well suited for the role of leading the very talented team that is ROV Systems.