Aerial Video and Photography

Aerial Video - Surveillance

ROV Aerospace provides professional photographers with the means to successfully operate whatever cameras or sensors they have or want to use, in ways that have to this point been technologically impractical or cost prohibitive.
​Our specialty is in the development and utilization of a range of Remotely Operated Vehicles that can carry a wide variety of cameras and sensors, although manned vehicles of many types are also utilized. In all cases, the cameras or sensors are operated remotely by the operator, in comfort and safety. No more hanging out the side of a helicopter or single-engine aircraft for the photographer or video camera man, risking yourself and your expensive camera and equipment. ​​
We can install your camera in a highly stabilized, vibration dampened, 3-axis (pan, tilt and roll) camera mount, attached to the appropriate aircraft, ground vehicle or sea vessel, and you operate it from one of our ground control stations, directly controlling the camera or sensor functions just as you would if it were in your hands, with view-finder imagery streamed in real time via telemetry downlink.
​In the case of a remotely operated vehicle or a UAV, the camera man is sitting right next to the pilot of the craft which is carrying the camera, allowing easy and simple communication and coordination between the two.
​The type of vehicle chosen will be determined based on the client’s requirements and budget but we can offer everything from smaller radio controlled single or multi-rotor helicopters carrying anything from the GoPro to a high-end DSLR camera, or specially configured and equipped Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft carrying much larger cameras, or even larger piston or turbine powered helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft that can carry heavy Cineflex cameras.
​We also offer ground vehicles and surface vessels of various sizes and configurations that can be remotely operated or manned, as the situation dictates.
Simply put, we are your one-stop source for the widest range of remotely operated camera platforms available to professional photographers when it comes to getting that unusual or hard-to-get shot, especially if you want to get it in the most cost effective way possible.
For aerial video and photography services ROV Aerospace recommends Digital Island Media in Key West, Florida.
​We also provide training, maintenance and parts support for those products that we sell.