3D CAD Modeling

3D CAD Modelling
3D modelling is the process of converting an idea, sketch or photograph into a detailed and precise Computer Aided Design (CAD) model. The creation of the CAD model enables advanced 3D manipulation and viewing and is also necessary for Computer Automated Manufacturing (CAM).
In our experience, when designing new products or presenting new concepts to customers we have found it is most useful to be able to visualise every aspect of the final design as this ensures fewer surprises at the prototype stage. Our 3D CAD models facilitate this very easily and without the time or expense in creating prototype after prototype.
​Nowadays, once small parts or accessories are in CAD format they can be 3D printed very quickly.  There are no limits to the size of the models we can create and we have experience in creating parts as small as servo mounts and as large as a full scale F16 with weapons!.  Most things look better in 3D, take a look at our logo!
Once the 3D model is finalised it is very straightforward to convert these into the formats required for manufacturing through a combination of 3D printing, foam cutting or composite molding.
​We have the skills in-house for the production of the initial concept, the creation of the 3D CAD model and the composite molding.
​If you need a part designing, from a simple component to something much more complex please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  Please take a look at the ‘Gallery’ section of the website for some examples of our work.
If you provide us with a sketch, a photographs or the product, we’ll create the 3D model.  We have included a very small sample of our 3D modelling work in the Gallery.